Breast Cancer

Breast cancer surgery

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer, in women. The incidence of this dreaded disease has been increasing alarmingly over the past decade. The key to cure lies in early detection and treatment. Long term results of treatment depend upon the stage at diagnosis. Earlier the diagnosis, better the outcome.
We provide complete surgical treatment of breast cancer, including both, conventional radical as well as the more modern breast conservation surgery. Breast reconstruction as well as oncoplastic reconstruction procedures are performed in order to ensure a good cosmetic result. A modern, extremely well equipped Operation Theatre, state of the art armamentarium, use of harmonic scalpel for bloodless surgery, post operative pain management techniques, are all adjuncts to the surgeon’s expertise and experience in giving excellent results to the patient.
An in-house physiotherapy team and a psychologist counsellor help in bringing about complete physical and emotional rehabilitation of cancer patients. We have served hundreds of breast cancer patients with extremely low recurrence rates and very high patient satisfaction.