Dr Prachi Mahajan has been practising as a Surgeon with special interest in Breast Oncosurgery and Minimal Access Surgery in the city of Nagpur since 2002 and is associated with various renowned superspeciality hospitals in and around Nagpur. She has been rendering her expertise to the people of Central India as the first and till date only lady laparoscopy and Bariatric Surgeon and the only lady FRCS and UK trained surgeon.

She has a large series of breast cancer operations, including both, conventional and evidence-based modern scientific procedures.

In addition to Bariatric / metabolic surgery, she has, to her credit, various basic and advanced laparoscopic surgical procedures, including cholecystectomies, appendectomies, pelvic masses, abdominoperineal resections, gastrointestinal anastomoses, rectopexy, retroperitoneal biopsies, hyadatid cysts, splenectomies, ventral hernias and thoracoscopic procedures.

As a general surgeon, she has been treating a large number of acute surgical emergencies and trauma patients. Her approach to patients is based on sound scientific knowledge and a compassionate attitude.

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Bariatric / Metabolic Surgery (Obesity Surgery) is proving to be a boon for people who are extremely obese (Body Mass Index > 40). Bariatric Surgical procedures are for those who are unable to lead an active life owing to severe obesity.

Laparoscopic Surgery, also known as Minimal Access Surgery (Keyhole surgery), is now the gold standard in most abdominal operations. Laparoscopic procedures for gall bladder stones and appendix are known to one and all.

Breast cancer is one of the major killer diseases all over the world and it’s incidence in India has been rising to alarming proportions in the recent past. Recent statistics show an incidence of breast cancer affecting 1 in every 28 women in India.


I underwent mini gastric bypass, i.e a type of bariatric surgery at DrPrachi Mahajan's hospital. I lost 35 kg weight within 6-8 months. My confidence doubled and my enthusiasm increased so much, that I completed my post graduation soon after. Losing weight was a dream come true for me.

Mrs S. Nagpur

DrPrachi Mahajan operated on my husband for laparoscopic cholecystectomy. We were very impressed by her treatment, care and by the warmth expressed by all. I later had breast cancer and went back to DrPrachi Mahajan for my treatment. She did my mastectomy and I am now Hale and hearty after completing my adjuvant therapy.

Mrs US Nagpur

DrPrachi Mahajan treated me for breast cancer. She treated me very nicely. I did not have any pain in the post operative period. Whenever I had any query, she always answered it very nicely and caringly.

Mrs B Nagpur

My wife had ovarian cancer and was operated on by DrPrachiMahajan. She looked after my wife throughout the agonizing period and we have a family like relation with her.

Mr B Nagpur

I had my laparoscopic hysterectomy done by DrPrachi Mahajan. It was a very good experience for me.

Mrs SK Nagpur

I have recently undergone bariatric surgery at DrPrachi Mahajan's hospital. Not only did she operate on me very well, but she also gives me very good dietary guidance and looks after my well being. I am very happy now that I am losing weight.

Mrs KM. Nagpur

I was severely obese when I decided to undergo bariatric surgery. DrPrachi Mahajan operated on me and I lost significant weight. My blood pressure is now very much in control. My experience at Mahajan Ortho and Surgical Hospital, was excellent

Mr KS Nagpur